Sugar Pricing

Upper lip (women)  $20Chin (women)  $20Full face (women)$30Under arms (women and men) $25Half arms (women) $35*Half arms (men) $45*Full arms (women) $45*Full arms (men) $65*Hands $35Chest (men) $50*~Back (men) $65*~Stomach (women) $20Stomach (men) $35*Bikini (women) $45*Brazillian (women) $65*~Half legs (women) $45*Full legs (women) $85*Feet  $25*

* Hair should be trimmed to less than 1/4″.  You can trim using the “scissor over comb” method or electric trimmer. If your current hair removal technique is shaving, please be aware that the hair will be thicker and a little more “stubborn” to remove.  Following your first sugaring treatment you will see a noticable difference in the thickness of the hair.  Once being sugared you will never want to go back to your old methods of hair removal!

~Following these services it is recommended you bring a clean item to wear post treatment (shirt or underwear).  This helps the hair follicle from being exposed to bacteria from previously worn clothing.

Lash Pricing

Regular full set $135Regular fills $65Full Set with colour highlights $150Fill with colour highlights$70Full colour set $165Fill, all colour set $80Lash tint $20Lash lift$65Lash lift & tint $80

Extensions vs Lift and Tint

Quality vs Bargain